Dr. Susan Yarnall

Associate Veterinarian

Hello, I am Susan Yarnall DVM, I generally am called Dr. Susan. I will be joining the team at Hope Veterinary Clinic in August 2021. What follows is a brief synopsis of my life so far. It has been an amazing ride with many more adventures to come.

I began my obsession with animals at a very young age. My mother swears to the fact that even as a small child, I would bring animals home on a regular basis. Somewhere around age 12, the “Mean Boys” in our neighborhood spent that summer robbing birds’ nests. I was not able to stop them, I would collect the naked babies from the ground and bring them home (by the way I know better now – it is really better to put them back). My mother and I would feed and raise them until they could be released. I blame (thank) her for setting an example and for teaching me how to care for the “Helpless and Voiceless.” I learned that lesson well and still have a bird, squirrel, and or a kitten in my care from time to time. I was 13 years old when I volunteered at a veterinary clinic in Westerville, Ohio to earn one of my badges for Girl Scouts. I then begged my parents (Chauffer’s) to let me continue to work at the clinic and I was hired for a dollar an hour to clean kennels. I worked there for 2 years and loved it!

When I was 15 (literally 5 days before my 10th-grade year) my family moved from Ohio to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. There was a veterinary clinic down the street from our new house. I wanted to put in an application on the first day we moved in, after much begging and pleading with my parents they finally agreed that I could apply to the clinic, but under one condition, I had to meet and bring home 5 friends before I could apply for a job (I was 15 at the time). I complied and followed their rules. I am certain I paid the last 2 (friends) to meet my parents so I could get the job and do what I love. I worked at that practice for the next 18 years, as a kennel help, technician, office manager, and ultimately Relief Veterinarian.

I graduated from Broadmoor High School in 1983. I started LSU the following semester in the Pre-Vet program. I ended up dropping out of LSU 3 years later with only one more semester left to be able to apply to Vet School. I took the scenic route of life for a while (married and then divorced). I eventually got back on the path of following my true passion. I graduated from LSU Veterinary School in 2000. I worked as a Relief Veterinarian my first year after graduation and then I have practiced in the Denham Springs area for the last 21 years. I was recently given the opportunity to come to Hope Veterinary Clinic. I am very excited to pursue my passion in this new clinic and serve the community that I love.

I am not originally from Livingston Parish, but, I have chosen to call it home for the last 15 years. I live in Walker on 3 acres, which we fondly refer to as “The Funny Farm!” I live there with my husband Tim and my 2 sons Garrett and Zach. We share our household with many pets (job hazard/perk), currently, we have 9 plus cats, 2 large Sulcata Tortoises, 5 Box Turtles, several water turtles, a 4 ft. Iguana, 4 ducks, 1 goose, a pot-bellied pig, and 2 miniature cows. We have several “Rescue” dogs of different breeds. My favorite breed and drug of choice is my Brussels Griffons.

I have bred and shown (Griff’s) for over 30 years. I am blessed to have been very successful in my hobby and finished several Champions and Grand Champions of my own breeding. I consider myself a “Preservation” breeder – meaning “I breed with a purpose, adhering to the AKC standard for my breed.” If you hang out with me long enough you will likely get way more of an education about Griff’s than you ever wanted.

I do believe that helping animals (and the people that bring them to me) is my true calling. I am blessed to have a career that I truly love and I look forward to this next step in my life and career, meeting new clients and reuniting with former clients.